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Zagoravia is the main location in Victor Vran. Zagoravia is a cursed city haunted with demonic creatures and monsters.

Locations[edit | edit source]

For the full list of locations in Zagoravia, see Locations.

The locations within Zagoravia range from gardens to crypts to building interiors and caves. With the majority of the world split up in separate locations based on an overall parent location. These parent locations are used within the story to help Victor navigate the world and access important story line related locations.

Major locations include: The Royal Gardens, The Hunting Grounds, The High Quarter, Cemetery Grounds, The Onion Quarter, The Merchant Quarter, and The Steam Quarter. All of which act as mini hubs to access their own particular dungeons and areas.

The Royal Gardens
For more information, see The Royal Gardens.

This location is one of the first places the player visits. Featuring plants and other plant life in most of the location. It also features a chess board on the south west of the area and a hedge maze on the south east of the area. Beyond the bridge this area has is a crypt styled area where many mausoleums are placed, some of which act as the entrances to dungeons within the area.

The Hunting Grounds
For more information, see The Hunting Grounds.

This location is a vast prairie, with several locations containing altars, decayed or destroyed structures as well as several marshes and rocky hilltops and a river the borders the eastern edge and travels somewhat south that splits the area by bridges before going off to the south west.

The High Quarter
For more information, see The High Quarter.

This location is home to a vast number of buildings as well as water ways. Many of these buildings appear to have been used for housing but some are marked as stores and some of these interiors can be seen if the camera is positioned properly.

Cemetery Grounds
For more information, see Cemetery Grounds.

This location contains some hilly grasslands in the south, separated by the river and in the north contains many more mausoleums and crypts as well as some dungeon entrances. The only way to cross the river is by a pieced together plank bridge, with the other side containing some mining equipment and decayed structures.

The Onion Quarter
For more information, see The Onion Quarter.

This locations contains a lot of planked walkways and looks mostly like a dock area for the river that passes through from north to south down the middle of this zone. With both sides containing decrepit houses, boxes, carts and other containers. Beyond the dock areas are houses and farms.

The Merchant Quarter
For more information, see The Merchant Quarter.

This location contains a lot of buildings, much like the The High Quarter, though there are a lot more merchant stalls. This area is tiered quite heavily, with cannons and other defenses found between layers and is home to Zagoravia's carnival on the opposite side of the river that is commonly found throughout each of the main areas.

The Steam Quarter
For more information, see The Steam Quarter.

This area appears to be the cities industrial location, and is split by a side area called The Junction in order to travel from east and west sides. It is home to equipment, tracks, crates, barrels, chimneys, cat walks and other industrial themed elements. On the east side it splits off from the industrial theme to contain a mine in the south and a roadway with multiple bridges that leads up to the The Shunned Manor.

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