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Revolvers are one of the types of Weapons in the Motörhead-DLC of the game Victor Vran.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Name Description Standard Cooldown
Barrage Single Target. Hold the attack button for continuous shooting. (It is possible to move while performing this attack) Deals 25% more damage to crippled enemies.

The last attack is a Double shot which inflicts Vulnerable[1] to the target while pushing it back.

Bullet Hell Begin to spin, shooting bullets in all directions. Each hit inflicts Cripple[2] and pushes back the target.
Bullseye Single target. Hold the attack button to increase the damage dealt by the attack. The longer you hold down the button the more conditions the attack will inflict:

Cripple (X+%), Bleeding[3] (X+%), Weakness[4] (X+%) and Dazed[5] (X%)

List of legendary revolvers[edit | edit source]

Name Picture Special stat Over the top stat Other stat
Rock and Roll Rockandroll img.jpg Piercing bullets +75 armor penetration +45 armor penetration
Hellraisers Hellraisers img.jpg Double shots and special attacks inflict Burning 50% faster weapon skill cooldowns Critical hits knock back enemies (5 sec cooldown)
The Mikkeys TheMikkeys.jpg Overdrive meter fills 75% faster Gain 80 health on hit Double shots cause Headbanging in large area
Old Gutrots attack speed increased by 15% critical chance increased by 25% Stack aether charges on crit. At 10 charges the barrage attack inflicts additional damage and cripples all foes in the area
The Piecemakers critical damage increased by 70% inflicts vulnarable with 40% chance exploding bullets

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Vulnerable: Next attack on this target will score crit.
  2. Cripple: movement speed is decreased by 66%.
  3. Template:Status:Bleeding
  4. Weakness: Outgoing damage is decreased by 50%.
  5. Daze: Unable to move or attack.
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