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Rapiers are one of the types of Weapons in the game Victor Vran.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Name Description Standard Cooldown
Flurry A chain of fast attacks that penetrate armor. The final attack of the chain grants the Enraged buff on kill
Charge Charge forward knocking back all enemies in your path 16 sec
Coup de Grace Single target high damage attack that causes Bleeding. On kill this attack resets the cooldown of the rapier Charge ability 3 sec

List of legendary rapiers[edit | edit source]

Name Image Special Stat Over the Top Stat Other Stat
Needle Needle img.jpg Charge attack leaves a trail of fire Damage increased by X% when the overdrive meter is full Overdrive meter fills 125% faster
Scoundrel Scoundrel img.jpg Stack Aether Charges on hits with the Charge attack. At 10 charges the Flurry attack grants Quickness and inflicts Frost to all foes in the area Damage increased by X% when health is above 90% Gain 80 health on hit