Lightning Gun

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Lightning guns are one of the Weapons in the game Victor Vran.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Name Description Standard Cooldown
Shock Single target. Hold the attack button to continue attacking. Enemies hit by this attack become Electrocuted. The attack chains to other Electrocuted enemies. In its last phase the attack deals additional damage 0.3 sec
Ball Lightning Fire a tracking ball lightning that bounces between Electrocuted targets. This attack can hit you and your allies 6 sec
Lightning Trap Fire a slow ball lightning that transforms into a Lightning Trap in several seconds. The Lightning Trap deals damage and inflicts Electrocuted to all enemies in its radius every 1.5 second, then explodes. Hold the button to increase the ball's initial speed. The explosion can hit you 8 sec

List of legendary lightning guns[edit | edit source]