Lifeless House

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"Ah, the residence of the late Lord Valeri.
He always threw the most exquisite parties. Lovely blood soup, superb black pudding.
His cook truly had an excellent taste."

- Voice

The Lifeless House ia a palace located in the High Quarter, overrun by Undeads and Vampire Thralls.

Challenges[edit | edit source]

Secrets: 2[1]

  • Slay Monsters with Hex of Time (30)
  • Slay Monsters while above 50% health without using Potions (30)
  • Slay Monsters with Hex of Malice and Hex of Pain (30)
  • Slay Lord Valeri (1)
  • Slay the Cook within 45 seconds without using Potions (1)
  1. Secrets Locations
    Lifeless House.png