Essence of Lightning

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"Essences of Lightning manifest in the form of whirling vortices of electricity which they send towards unlucky Hunters that cross their paths. When broken into smaller shards the lightning storm will intensify and cover the ground in randomly flying bolts of electricity. An unaware Hunter could easily find himself in quite the predicament should he attempt to use charged-energy weapons against these volatile enemies."

The Essence of Lightning has formidable ranged attacks, especially electric line attacks (similar to those of the Essence of Ice) capable of slowing the character and the deadly electric links an Essence of Lightning can form with others of its kind, inflicting continuous damage, as they try to position themselves so the character is struck by as many rays as possible. Fortunately, it is quite weak against melee attacks and doesn't have much health. Upon destruction, it spawns three smaller Essences with feeble attacks and few health, very easy to kill.