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Destiny cards, or simply "card(s)", are one type of items in the game Victor Vran. When equipped, it provides passive attributes.

Attributes[edit | edit source]

Each destiny card's main attribute(s) is determined by its type and rarity. There is no randomization. E.g. a common The Runner card always increases the player's movement speed by 20%.

Extra attributes[edit | edit source]

Every destiny card can have a random extra effect out of 2 groups of effects: divine and wicked. They can also be crafted onto existing normal cards with a divine or wicked powerstone or other divine/ wicked cards of the same rarity as the normal card.

Divine and wicked effects don't increase the destiny point cost of a card.

There're 8 different possible effects in each group:

Divine Wicked
27% chance to get an additional drop from chests Increased Dodge distance
Remove a negative condition on kill (5 seconds cooldown) -37% duration of negative conditions
Lightning strike to ranged attackers (300 damage, 22% chance) that inflicts Weakness Inflict Cripple on crit (44% chance)
Gain 280 health when the overdrive is filled Gain Brutality when overdrive is filled (29% chance)
56% to negate a critical strike Gain 3.90% of max overdrive on overkill
+14% damage when health is above 90% Gain Focus for 10 seconds on overkill (30 seconds cooldown)
+27 armor penetration Gain Speed for 7 seconds on kill (20 seconds cooldown)
Gain Regeneration for 10 seconds when below 37% health Inflict Bleeding on crit (33% chance)

Note: all values in bold is the maximum possible value when fully upgraded by transmuation.

Limit[edit | edit source]

The player has a limited number of destiny slots and destiny points. For each card equipped, it takes one destiny slot and from 0 to 8 destiny points (depending on the card).

Destiny Slots[edit | edit source]

The number of destiny slots limit how many card a player can equip at the same time. Player can unlock more slots by leveling-up:

Level Destiny slots
1 2
10 3
20 4
30 5
55 6

Also, The Adventurer's Outfit or Phil's Outfit gives one more slot when equipped.

Destiny Points[edit | edit source]

The sum of destiny points of all equipped destiny cards must not exceed the player's available destiny points which can be increased by leveling-up:

Level Destiny Points
1 4
5 6
9 8
11 10
17 11
19 12
21 13
23 14
27 15
TBD: need data for more levels
40 18
45 19
50 20
TBD: need data for more levels in The Fractured DLC
60 24

Also, The Seer card or Phil's Outfit gives 4 destiny points when equipped.

Rarities[edit | edit source]

Destiny cards come in all 4 rarities. A certain kind of destiny card's rarity is limited. E.g.

  • Hope card comes in all 4 rarities.
  • Greed card comes only in uncommon and rare rarities. There are no legendary or common Greed cards.
  • The Runner card comes only in common rarity.

List of destiny cards[edit | edit source]

Weapon-specific Unique Cards[edit | edit source]

These cards are designed to work with specific types of weapons. All of them:

Guitar[edit | edit source]

Hammer[edit | edit source]

Hand Mortar[edit | edit source]

Lightning Gun[edit | edit source]

Revolver[edit | edit source]

Rapier[edit | edit source]

Sword[edit | edit source]

Shotgun[edit | edit source]

Scythe[edit | edit source]

Tome[edit | edit source]

Other Unique Cards[edit | edit source]

These cards also have unique attribute.

Non-unique Cards[edit | edit source]

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