Cemetery Grounds

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"You seem fascinated by the macabre, Victor.
It disturbs me to watch you like that, always so enthusiastic to enter a new cemetery or crypt.

You'll get there, Victor. You'll get there."

- Voice

The Cemetery Grounds connects the High Quarter to the Onion Quarter, with several dungeons in its area, such as Deadlight Quarry, Infested Burrow,Forlorn Catacomb and Mausoleum of Bones, home to the dreaded Lich Vail The Immortal. The Cemetery Grounds are a vast place with various types of enemies, not only Undead and Wraiths, but also Gargoyles, Essences and Spiders.

Challenges[edit | edit source]

Secrets: 6[1]

  • Slay Gargoyles with ranged attacks (25)
  • Slay Monsters with Demon Powers (20)
  • Slay Champions (10)
  • Slay Dharin the Dreaded Soul (1)
  • Slay Monsters with Hex of Time, Hex of Tyranny and Hex of Malice (40)
  1. Secrets Locations
    Cementery Grounds.png